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Dr. Yuhua Chen’s teaching philosophy is to employ innovative approaches to education, training students to create new knowledge and providing them with hands-on research experience that will help them to be successful in their careers.

Course Permission Form

ECE6372 Advanced Hardware Design Permission Form:  ece6372_PermissionForm.pdf

Course Project Highlights

  • Memory Game on Embedded FPGA Board for Mentally Challenged Children
  • Foreign Language Translator using DE2 FPGA Board
  • Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) using NIOSII Embedded Processor in Altera FPGA
  • Intelligent Assistant System for In-Hospital Patients using FPGA Embedded Processor
  • Visual Stimulus Response System for Patient Training using DE2 FPGA Board
  • Regulating Gas Stove for Smart Homes using DE2 FPGA Board
  • Automatic Temperature Voice Alarm System using Cyclone V SoC Kit


Project Resources